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Brothers, John and Steve Vissotzky, along with John’s son, Nicholas, founded Double V Distillery in Battle Ground, Washington in 2009. For John and Steve, this has been an adventure long in the making.

Back in the days of Junior High, when neither brother was of drinking age, Steve set out to make his own miracles by turning “Concord Grape Juice into Wine.” To this day, Steve still has a bit of a bad taste for wine.

Moving on to high school, beer entered center stage. The most logical step for the brothers was purchasing a beer making kit. The brew was barely consumable. Both John and Steve still have no problem consuming beer, just not one brewed from their kit.

As tastes and young men mature, so does the palate for alcohol. About the time John and Steve were of legal drinking age,  a fascination for spirits came into play. This time, John convinced his mother into letting them borrow her pressure cooker, and using items around the house, such as copper coils and bike tubing to name a few, lead to the birth of the first Vissotzky Brothers’ Still. The Still was a great playground for experimenting and figuring out the distilling process.

The evolution of the Vissotzky Brothers’ Stills begins with a pressure cooker Still in a laundry room, on to a basement Chemistry Lab Still, to a 10 gallon Still in the Barn, advancing on to a 300 gallon Still at the Double V Distillery Warehouse, until finally the current state-of-the-art Still from Germany.

Our spirits are made entirely from scratch at our distillery. From fermentation and distillation to bottling and packaging, it all happens here. We pride ourselves on using local ingredients to craft the finest spirits in the Pacific Northwest.

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