Colonel Cobb Moonshine


Colonel Cobb Moonshine is crafted in the true spirit of traditional small batch spirits using authentic copper stills. Distilled from Washington grown corn & barley. Colonel Cobb is full flavored spirits that stick to traditional methodologies.  We only distill this alcohol twice to keep in as much flavor as possible while still cleanly refined.

Our distillery is a family-owned business. The dream of operating a craft distillery began over forty years ago when owner, John, first began making corn moonshine out of his mother’s newly remodeled pressure cooker still.  Back then, it was John’s favorite hobby and he worked on various techniques to make a clean, sweet moonshine that was full flavor.  The recipe for this moonshine remains the same as the original, allowing this spirit to embody the true journey of this distillery. The only modification to its process has been an upgrade in our copper still!  We make this spirit, along with all of our spirits, with a methodology of a true American craftsmen:  We use no chemicals, no purchased neutral grain spirits, no treated enzymes.  Only the best quality grains from local farmers and our own two hands to craft them.  Cheers!

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