Griffon Gin


Griffon Gin is made and bottled by Double V Distillery, which is situated in Battle Ground, Washington. The distillery is a family owned business with a strong polish heritage. The naming of our gin was inspired by the frequent participant in the popular family pastime of hunting, fishing and a love of the outdoors. Going back generations our family has always raised hunting dogs. These dogs are prized for their solid lines, out standing field performance and overall character. Most of our dogs have followed the wire haired breeds with one of our favorite being the Wire Haired Pointing Griffon.   We treat our dogs as members of the family. They live with us and as a result their clown like character comes forth. Yet as comical as they can be, the one thing they do best is hunt.  They offer a fierce intensity focused only on the task at hand. It was through observation of this focused intensity that we pay homage and proudly offer Griffon Gin. Like the wire haired pointers we love, we strive to do one thing and one thing only when it comes to gin. Simply stated we are dedicated to making the finest craft gin possible. Griffon is made using Washington grown corn and barley. We have established a very good relationship with the farmers in Othello and Moses Lake who grow our corn and barley. Both of these farms are certified organic in their practices and the grains they produce are 100% organic. The feed mill that processes the grain for our use is also a certified organic facility. We include premium botanicals such as juniper berry, coriander and cardamom as well as a couple confidential aromatics in the distilling process. We are confident you will approve.


Griffon is made from start to finish at our distillery in Battle Ground. Our copper still and spirit towers are made in Germany and considered state of the art for craft distilleries. We do not purchase NGS (Neutral Grain Spirits) and then re-distill them like some other craft distilleries do. We prepare the corn and barley mash, we pitch the yeast allowing fermentation to take place, and then we distill the mash a minimum of three times including adding premium botanicals to the last phase of the distillation process. The end product is clean and pure. We pride ourselves in that the “burn” typically associated with spirits has been removed by our painstaking but rewarding process.  You will find Griffon Gin to be pleasantly aromatic, smooth, warming and with great texture. The initial notes allow a light juniper aroma and mild spicy taste, followed by a hint of citrus with a sweet after taste. Our recipe is based on 80% corn, which creates the subtle sweetness and smooth finish you experience. We intentionally keep the botanical base mild. It stands well on it’s own straight or over ice, yet is easily blended with your favorite mixers. Double V Distillery, raising spirits, one at a time. Enjoy!

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