RedEye Whiskey


In September of 2012 we barreled our first batch of RedEye Whiskey.  For our Whiskey we use a mix of Washington grown corn, barley, and roasted barley.  This adds a subtly sweet and nuttiness to the spirit.

Our corn and barley come from farmers in Othello and Moses Lake, Washington. Both farms, as well as the feed mill that processes the grain, are certified organic operations in process and product. Our spirits our made and aged entirely from scratch at our distillery. We believe in the true craftsman spirit so everything we do and use is done locally, in our shop, and with the best ingredients.

We use American White oak for our Barrels from a cooperage in Kentucky, USA with a heavy char.  We use large casks to slow age our Whiskey for optimal flavor maturity.  There is no rushing to get casks out of the door in our distillery, we take great care and patience in the creation and aging of our spirits.  Slow distillation with only the best cuts of alcohol along with slow aging to create a truly fine finished product. The result is a full bodied whiskey with smoky, caramel notes and a soft nutlike finish.

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